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  • Try our newest Appetizer!!!
    NEW * Fried Bread’n’Butter Pickles $5.99 * NEW

    Fresh Maine Steamers $19.95
    1 quart of fresh Maine steamers served with melted
    clarified butter and seasoned broth.
    Great as an appetizer or as a meal.

    Fresh Fried Haddock Dinners
    Regular Size $14.95 Super Size $23.95
    Deliciously mild, this Lean and Firm White Fish is
    fried Golden brown and served with your choice of two sides

    Fish Tale Tacos $11.95

    Fried Mahi, Scrod or Shrimp
    Choice of one Seafood per plate
    Served on 2 Soft Flour Tortillas
    with lettuce, tomato salsa, and spicy mayo

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