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  • MONDAY ~ NOVEMBER 30, 2015

  • Fresh Charbroiled Yellowfin Tuna with Herb Butter $20.95
    Wild Yellowfin Tuna is caught in South American waters
    It has a firm texture with a mild rich taste. Some say when charbroiled it tastes similar to Swordfish.
    It is best served cooked Medium Rare to Medium.
    Please let your server know if you’d like your tuna more thoroughly cooked.
    Topped with house made Fresh HerbButter Sauce & SERVED WITH YOUR CHOICE OF TWO SIDES

    Fish Tale Tacos $11.99

    Fried Mahi, Scrod, shrimp or chicken
    Choice of one Seafood per plate
    Served on 2 Soft Flour Tortillas
    with lettuce, tomato salsa, and spicy mayo
    with your choice of one side

    Fresh Maine Steamers $19.95
    1 quart of fresh Maine steamers served with melted
    clarified butter and seasoned broth.

  • LUNCH SPECIALS (served Monday through Saturday from 11am til 4pm)

  • All lunch specials are served with two side choices unless otherwise noted
    Lunch Fried Combination * Pick Two Different Seafoods $12.99
    Shrimp, clam strips, scrod, calamari, sole
    for whole clams, oysters or sea scallops (add $2.00 for each selection)

    Fresh Char-broiled CAJUN Salmon Filet $ 13.99
    Fresh Charbroiled Swordfish Steak $14.99
    Fried Fresh Clam Strip Roll Platter $ 9.50
    Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich Platter $ 8.99

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